Remax VR All in one AV and Head Mounted Game Console RT-V03



External interface: Mirco USB & USB3.0 & TF Card & Aux.

Wireless function: WiFi & Bluetooth

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How to use remaxrt-v03

After starting up, you will see the main page, including my dynamic, my application, and recommended videos and games. Sliding the touch pad, you will see the personal Center (binding the mobile version of Da Peng assistant, cache, dynamic, collection), setting Center (Bluetooth, WiFi, brightness, etc.), local files, SD card (I don’t need to introduce this), version update (updating the system) Other products are generally sliding handles or buttons

Slide the touchpad again and come to our panoramic video, 3D movies and application market (download all-in-one games and Applications)

When playing movies and TV, a progress bar and function keys (video format conversion and screen size adjustment functions) will be displayed by touching the touch pad

Choose the video format according to the source format, and the viewing effect is very good! 3d180360 is up to you!

Use the touch pad to adjust the screen size according to your preferences


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